About Health Coach Siree

Hi, my name is Siree and I’m a Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist certified by the American Council on Exercise.

Being a busy mom of three young children myself, I love sharing my knowledge about how to stay active and fit to other mamas and other busy women.

My Struggle with Baby Weight and Low Energy

I’ve had the experience of being pregnant, delivering the baby, and breastfeeding so I know first hand what a miracle the body is in how it transforms and adapts! It really is a wonderful privilege to be a mom. With that said, we all want to lose the “baby weight” and get back in shape. For me, it was mainly for aesthetics at first, but I realised that the more I focused on only the aesthetics, my goals will keep changing based on what the media tells me what “a beautiful body” looks like. That kind of elusive goal will only make you miserable. I’d rather focus on the health benefits of exercise.

It’s a Passion for a Bigger Purpose

I used to be “skinny-fat” meaning that I held on to a lot of body fat around my mid-section and face but legs and arms looked pretty skinny (depending on the angle of the photo of course!). My point is that seeing these photos of myself 3 and 5 years ago, I think I looked pretty good! But I know that health-wise, I was struggling with low energy and had a bad habit of craving all things sweet to pick me up during the day. Over the years, I’ve learned better eating habits and proper workout techniques to get me to where I am today where I feel I am the healthiest and strongest I’ve ever been! And I want to share that with you all. It will not be an overnight make-over, but with persistence and the right coaching for your workout program and nutrition goals, you can lose the extra body fat as well so that you will reduce your risk of chronic illnesses in the future.
My own journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has given me insight into the many challenges one encounters. This enables me to bring a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding. I’m happy to help you on your health and fitness journey as well!

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Health Coach Siree is certified by the American Council on Exercise as  Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

ACE Certified health coach

Four Pillars of Fitness

A Well-rounded Program for Well-rounded Results

My health and fitness program has been designed to help you develop the four core areas of fitness: cardiovascular exercise, flexibility, nutrition, and strength training. Developing these four core areas can help you improve your health and your physique. Whether you are interested in toning and tightening, worried about weight management, or just want to get into a weekly workout routine.

We offer personalised health coaching session as well as, group workshops. Our goal is to help you achieve the healthy physique that is best suited to your personal goals and lifestyle. 

To learn more about how you work with me today, I invite you to contact us today. We look forward to helping you start your fitness journey.

Dedication to Wellness

We are dedicated to everything wellness! From strength training to stress management, I offer a wide-variety of whole-person wellness services that are designed to help you to maximise your health as a resource for daily living and adding value to the world.

Personal Training

Do you need help staying motivated and reaching your fitness goals? Check out my ultra-personalised personal training services. I will design a customized program to help you on your fitness journey.

Helping Customers Focus on Health

My services are designed to help my clients focus on health as a valuable resource for life. Whether you are worried about weight management or simply want to learn more about the effects of a healthy diet and fitness regime, I can help you to achieve a balanced lifestyle.