Siree Sivapetchranat


“Achieving a better physique is about more than simply shedding the pounds and improving muscle tone.

My health coaching sessions in person or on the phone will help you nourish your whole well-being as a person. Humans are not just body and not just spirit. We are both body and spirit and I incorporate this in my whole-person  health coaching.”


About Coach Siree



Siree Sivapetchranat is a certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She is also a life coach and spiritual mentor.

Coach Siree’s wellness philosophy advocates for Whole-Person Wellness and champions the three main pillars of wellness – Active Living, Nourishment, and Rest. She wants to help people change their focus away from only losing weight as the primary goal of they life.

Coach Siree believes that health is a resource for everyday living, not the purpose of life. Her mission is to help her clients optimize their health so they can have the energy and emotional wellness to fulfill their life goals.

Her health and fitness programs are been designed to help clients develop three vital areas of wellness: active living, nourishment, and rest.

Coach Siree lives in Bangkok, Thailand, with her husband and three children.

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Health Coach Siree is certified by the American Council on Exercise as  Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

ACE Certified health coach

Pillars of Fitness

A Well-rounded Program for Well-rounded Results

My health and wellness programs are designed to help you develop the three core areas of wellness:

  • Active Living
  • Nourishment
  • Rest

Developing these three core areas can help you improve your health and your physique. Whether you are interested in toning and tightening, worried about weight management, or just want to get into a weekly workout routine.

I offer personalised health coaching session as well as, group workshops. My goal is to help you achieve the healthy physique that is best suited to your personal goals and lifestyle. 

To learn more about how you work with me today, I invite you to contact me today. I look forward to helping you with your holistic health goals.

Dedication to Wellness

We are dedicated to everything wellness! From strength training to stress management, I offer a wide-variety of whole-person wellness services that are designed to help you to maximise your health as a resource for daily living and adding value to the world.

Personal Training

Do you need help staying motivated and reaching your fitness goals? Check out my ultra-personalised personal training services. I will design a customized program to help you on your fitness journey.

Helping Customers Focus on Health

My services are designed to help my clients focus on health as a valuable resource for life. Whether you are worried about weight management or simply want to learn more about the effects of a healthy diet and fitness regime, I can help you to achieve a balanced lifestyle.