8-week Program Ultra-Personalised Whole-Person Health & Life Coaching 

  • Customized Action Plan based on your body and goals

  • Tailored meal ideas and movement plans via the Bangkok Health Coach app

  • Eight weekly 30-minute check-in sessions and life coaching (video calls)

  • Habit coaching. Practical habit changes and tips to feel your best and feel confident in your body.

  • Unlimited support, accountability & motivation

  • Real long lasting results built from key lifestyle changes and stress management techniques

  • Experience results in your physical and emotional health


Cost: 17,800.- Baht


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Client Successes



Catherine H.

I like Siree’s pace and deep understanding of body structure to strengthen and balance. 

I’ve gain strength, can do more repetitions, and have more energy.




I was so lazy and no motivation, no discipline to exercise. I was really good to have someone hold me accountable on this. To encourage me when I almost wanted to give up. My top two goals were I want to be healthy, get rid of the fat. So far, my achievements are:
6.5% of body fat lost and 4.5 kg of fat mass lost were more than what I expected.




I had some health issues that were 6+ months reoccuring. What I liked was having a structure that combined eating and exercise as well as teaching about habits and causes of things.
My top two goals were: Decrease ulcer/bloating Have more energy
My achievements thus far were
  • less bloating
  • decrease ulcer
  • more awareness of my habits
  • more knowledge on nutrition
  • more in tune with body
  • being kinder to my body
I enjoyed learning about habits and how I can adjust myself.
Coach Siree is very informative ! I like how she explained causes of illnesses and how the body works. I would recommend this program and her as a health coach.



Ginny P.

Siree was encouraging. She designed programs to meet my needs. She has been sensitive to problems and injuries I have had along the way. She has been very responsive to questions I had outside of our sessions. She offered suggestions and tips for me to maintain an overall healthier lifestyle.


Best of all is the way that your corrections and advice makes such a huge difference in terms of results, energy expended and developments towards my goal of being healthier. 
The app gave me the confidence to exercise on my in an intentional, meaningful and results-driven manner that is customized towards my physical needs, goals and fitness level. No longer do I have to spend 60 minutes round trip commute to a paid gym membership AND another 60-80 minutes working out on equipment on an availability basis (competing with other gym members), but now 30 minutes at my condo’s gym or even in my own home is sufficient! Huge time and money savings!