28-Day Get Moving Challenge


100% online and accessed anywhere by your mobile device, you will be equipped with daily 5-30 minute exercises.

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In this 28-Day Get Moving Challenge that’s 100% online and accessed anywhere by your mobile device, you will be equipped with daily 5-30 minute exercises.

The idea is to get you moving everyday for 28 days so that you will experience first hand the benefits of increased energy when you intentionally get up and get moving everyday!

Who is this perfect for?
Anyone who wants to have more energy and vitality and need an a simple way to start an exercise routine.

What you will get:

  • Detailed workout schedule every day
  • Instructional videos for all the exercises
  • Clean eating grocery guide
  • 35 days access to the fitness app
  • A new habit of being active everyday!


Step-by-Step Guidance Along the Way


  • List of healthier alternatives to eat and drink that donʼt have sugar and are easy to buy or fix yourselves
  • Grocery list and where to buy (Bangkok only)
  • Meal Ideas


  • Exercises accessed easily on your mobile device
  • Follow-along exercises that you can do at home or gym with minimal equipment


1. How long are the daily workouts?

They range from 5 mins to 30 minutes long.

2. What equipment do I need?

A pair of dumbbells, preferably of two different weights for each pair.

3. Do I need to be in a gym?

You have two options – they gym version or the at-home version of the challenge

4. What if I miss a workout?

You make it up on one of the lighter shorter workout days. Additionally, because you have access to the app for 35 day, you will have some room to make up for missed days.

5. Can anyone take this challenge?

If you have any health concerns, like high blood pressure, chronic illnesses or injuries or are pregnant, you should talk to a doctor first about starting this program.

6. What if I want to do more than 28 days?

Great! Now that you’ve started a great habit of being active, sign up for the annual plan at only 4,750 Baht per year and keep working out and getting fitter!

Be Well, Eat Well, Serve Well

Have more energy, eat great food, and save time in the kitchen and learn effective exercises. Without having to spend hours at the gym and wondering what to eat, you can be productive at things that matter to you in life.

Imagine how would you feel and what you could do if…

  • You can wake up in the morning and actually feel great, 
  • Go through the day without feeling hungry, moody, and tired
  • Not feel drained at the end of the day

Ready to take this 28-Day Get Moving Challenge? Sign up today!

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