It was one of those Sundays where we needed to just be out and about, but didn’t want to go to a crowded Bangkok department store. So, we visited one of our favorite second-hand stores, Treasure Factory located in Soi Sukhumvit 39. There’s always something fun and actually a lot of times useful to be found! But this post is not about the strategies of second-hand shopping. We had only arrived for a few minutes and our kids needed the restroom, so we crossed over the the opposite side of the street where there is a tiny little community mall called The Manor.

We saw that there is a quaint little store called Parden. I’ve only walked past and had never gone in, and I wouldn’t have gone in today. Not that the storefront was not inviting but actually the opposite. Handmade crafts are very much my weakness and I wanted to avoid buying another “oh so cute! something”  I really didn’t need. But my husband asked if I would like some coffee as he saw that they also serve fresh coffee. So we dropped in and it was a real delight to visit this little cafe filled with colourful handicraft.

They offered a variety of coffee blends and we tried a cold and a hot Chiang Rai medium roast coffee. They also had a food menu but we didn’t sit down to have any as we had just had lunch. The ambiance and the owner were very welcoming. I resisted buying any cute totes and napkins, and left with only my delicious coffee in hand.




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