Anyone here thinks that calorie-counting is fun? No, me neither, but it is undeniably a good way to help you be aware of how you are fueling your body. Use this calculator courtesy of to see how many calories you need.

Did you know that many people actually eat less calories than what they really need? That leaves us feeling sluggish and tired, which consequently makes us crave for sugar and other simple carbs to satisfy our hunger. Especially when you are working out and building muscle on my training plan, you will need the calories as valuable fuel! So don’t be afraid to eat more!

Now, how to know how much to eat? I recommend my clients to use an app like MyFitnessPal early in their work with me. Once you’ve done it for a 4 weeks or so to get data on how much and what you consume, you’ll get an idea of how much food you really need. Having said that, it’s good to look behind the calories too. What I mean is what’s the macronutrient composition of your meals. Macronutrients that you need daily are protein, carbs, and fat. I work with my clients to give them a break-down of what they need for their goals. When you fuel our bodies with nutrient calories, you will find that you will crave less and less sugar.
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