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Health Coaching Works

In a study by the Joslin Diabetes Center, health coaching helped participants have an average 2.0-point drop on HbA1c in three months. When combined with a worksite wellness platform, the numbers dropped even lower – to 3.2 in three months on average. In comparison, those who did not participate in diabetes health coaching and instead did a year of insulin therapy and occasional doctor visits, saw a 0.5 – 1.0 average drop.

Create a Culture of Health
- Physically & Mentally -

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Increased Morale

"These programs aren’t just there to save money, per se. It sends a message that this company cares about people. It will attract people who want to work for a company that demonstrates a culture of health.”

-Helen Darling, President of the National Business Group on Health

Reduced Health Cost

70% of medical cost savings came from employees that used personalized health coaches, with each individual employee bringing in 6% more in cost savings if they used a coach. Other research found that individuals completing both a remote telephonic wellness coaching and online health coaching program were 64% more likely to reduce risk for obesity and 56% more likely to reduce risk for physical inactivity than those in the control group.

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Improved Productivity and Profitability

Companies with highly effective wellness programs generate industry-adjusted average revenues that are 40 percent higher than competitor companies with low-effectiveness wellness programs, yielding a difference of $132,000 per employee annually. Companies with the most effective health and productivity programs experienced 28 percent higher shareholder returns

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Decreased Burnout

Companies with the most effective health and productivity programs experienced 1.8 fewer days absent per employee. Employees who are intentional in creating healthy habits will benefit from less sick days due to physical and emotional stress

2.Towers Watson and National Business Group on Health. Pathway to Health and Productivity 2011/2012 Staying@Work™ Survey Rep

Health Coaching Models to Fit Your Organization's Needs

How It's Done

As a certified Health Coach by the American Council on Exercise, my coaching philosophy and principles adhere to utilising techniques and methodology from the Health Belief Model and the Transtheoretical Model of behaviour change. Applying these models can increase the likelihood of the client’s success. After assessing the individual’s readiness to change, we collaborate on goal setting, building a trusting relationship, and providing the client with practical knowledge, your Health Coach can better understand the client and work together as a team to improve their overall health.

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1:1 Consultations

Your employees are more likely to make lifestyle and behavior modifications when they have a one-on-one personal consultation. As your employees gain knowledge, confidence and have clear action plans, they will be on their way to make small changes towards bigger results. Employees working with health coaches as a team in this way is a proven way to lower healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism, and lower workers’ compensation premiums.

On-Site Health Coaching

Coach Siree will provide one-on-one private sessions onsite for employees regarding a variety of topics, including weight management, nutrition, screening results, and stress management.

Pricing is determined by quantity and frequency of on-site Health Coaching sessions per year.

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Remote Health Coaching (Incentivised Wellness Program

Does your company incentivise your staff to incorporate healthy habits at work and in their everyday life? Include health coaching sessions as part of your incentive program structure. Participants would schedule sessions with Coach Siree and complete a certain amount of calls to earn credit towards your corporate wellness incentive program. Pricing is determined by the number of expected coaching calls per year.

Mental Health Matters Too

Mental Health Topics Requested

Health is a “resource for everyday life not the objective of living”

(WHO, 1986)


Whole-Person Wellness

Health is a state of well-being, not just the absence of disease. Health is a “resource for everyday life not the objective of living” (WHO, 1986). When we talk about health, it is easy to thing about physical health, but in reality, wellness is a set of positive factors related to one’s optimal health as a person who interacts with the world around them. Whole-person wellness positive factors include the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental, and spiritual. The level of well-being in each of these six areas will affect our overall quality of life.

⇒ Physical: The ability to achieve a healthy lifestyle in nutrition and physical activity to minimise risk for chronic and metabolic diseases
⇒ Emotional: The ability to express emotions with comfort and in a healthy manner
⇒ Intellectual: The ability to learn and grow in areas that add value to the world around us
⇒ Social: The ability to develop meaningful relationships
⇒ Environmental: The ability to appreciate the external environment and improve things that are under our control
⇒ Spiritual: The ability to seek meaning, truth, and purpose in one’s daily life

Wellness Workshops for Groups

1. Stress Management Series

A healthy workplace is a productive workplace. Given the hours we spend in the office, it’s important to learn vital whole-person wellness skills for our wellbeing. This series teaches the concepts of emotional and physical wellness as an integral part of a total wellness culture in the workplace for positive results in productivity and performance.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Overcoming Work Overload – And Bringing Joy Back Into Life
  2. Taking the Stress Out of Working Relationships
  3. Surviving the Stress that Can’t Be Avoided
  4. From Negative Thinking to Self-Confidence
  5. Finding Real Job Satisfaction
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2. Free 45-Min Workshop Offer (Valued at 7,500.- Baht)

Be a Hero and Extend Relief to Your Stressed and Sick Staff

“87% of the employees on a global level are emotionally disconnected from their place of work and are less productive due to workplace stress.”

– State of the Global Workplace, Gallup