Recipe: Tuna & Quinoa Toss Salad

This Tuna and Quinoa Toss Salad recipe looks fancier than it really is. The best thing as with all homemade salads is […]

Bangkok Health Coach Workout App

Bangkok Health Coach App

Sometimes the biggest struggle in the gym is not how to do an exercise, but which workouts to do and […]

teen girl jumping on the beach at blue sea shore in summer vacat

How the Bangkok Health Coach App Helps You Stay on Track on Vacay

Anyone of you traveling this summer break? Being on summber break doesn’t mean you need to take a break from […]

Physical therapy. Therapist addressing trapezius muscle

Good Sore or Bad Sore?

Is it normal to feel sore after a workout? Many hard-core exercisers love to have a good sore after a […]

How Many Calories Do I Need?

Anyone here thinks that calorie-counting is fun? No, me neither, but it is undeniably a good way to help you […]

Small Changes Lead to Big Positive Changes: The 28-Day Get Moving Challenge

Because of our convenient modern lifestyles, diseases due to lack of daily movement are on the rise. Health coaches certified […]

Have Your Eaten Your Rice?

In Thailand, asking “Gin kao rue yang” or “Have you eaten your rice?” is the equivalent of “how are you?”.  Rice is part of our culture, a part of our language and a significant part of our GDP! Even if dinner is a noodles or a western dish, we still say “eat rice” as in eating a meal.

Breaking the Toxic Cycle of Rudeness

Has anyone been rude to you today yet? Well, it’s likely that before the week is out, we will encounter a rude person one way or another. Should we turn the other cheek, ignore, and just let our frustrations with this person fester? Read on, it may be toxic if you do. For starters, rude behaviour and rude speech have negative effects on our emotional health. Rude behaviour begets rudeness one way or another. The act of being rude or being on the receiving end of rudeness can damage our emotional health and

P A R D E N : A Delightful Find in Soi Sukhumvit 39

It was one of those Sundays where we needed to just be out and about, but didn't want to go to a crowded Bangkok department store. So, we visited one of our favorite second-hand stores, Treasure Factory located in Soi Sukhumvit 39. There's always something fun and actually a lot of times useful to be found! But this post is not about the strategies of second-hand shopping. We had only arrived for a few minutes and our kids needed the restroom, so we crossed over the the opposite side of the street where there is a tiny little community mall called The Manor.