How to Work Hard and Smart at the Right Things

There’s a cliche encouraging people to work smart not hard. I believe in both and a little bit more! We need to work hard and smart … and at the right things!If we can teach our kids one important life skill…it’s to not be afraid of hard work or be discouraged at the significant amount of time and energy it takes to achieve a worthwhile goal. And it’s not too late for us adults either! Going through hard work and challenges gives us opportunities of growth and maturity in our areas of focus.

Functional Training Tips for the Pregnant Mama

Thai Mother’s Day is coming up when we celebrate our own moms and mother-figures. For us who are moms, it is indeed a great privilege to be one, isn’t it? We also want to congratulate the new mommies-to-be out there. Pregnancy is not a disease or illness, so it’s fine to exercise and stay active once you have your physician’s okay. It’s important to know how to safely exercise and make

For the Love of Avocados

Think Fast! What is a super healthy fruit, has no cholesterol, no sodium, and loaded with good fat?

Yes, it’s the might avocado! I’ve only discovered my love of avocado for the taste only in my adult years. As a teenager, I don’t think I’ve ever even tried an avocado back then.

This fruit has become a family favourite though the kids like it served as guacamole more. I like mine just sliced and sprinkled with some Himalayan sea salt.